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At normal temperature, FK-5-1-12 is colorless, transparent and insulating liquid. it is the novel environmental harmonic and clean extinguishing agent. Noah5112 is listed in standard documents such as ISO14520-2006 Physical Characteristics of Gas Extinguishing System, the System Design, NFPA2001 Design Specification of Clean Gas Extinguishing System, and the application-design of the product is normatively described.
FK-5-1-12 extinguishing agent is a novel substitution of halon extinguishing agent. It helps engineers and facility managers meet environmental regulations while helping ensure the safety of people, reduce risks and preserve business operations with minimal downtime. It features zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a global warming potential (GWP) of less than 1. FK-5-1-12 also has the largest safety margin for use in occupied spaces of all clean agents. It effectively extinguishes fire faster than inert gas or water mist systems, requires less volume of fluid and is safe for use with electronics.
鈼?/strong>How Does Noah庐5112 Work?
Noah庐5112, a halon gas replacement can extinguish a fire before in even starts. This system uses fire detection to detect a fire in its incipient stage and put it out within seconds. In a Noah庐5112 system, the fluid is stored in pressurized cylinders. The fluid is released as a gas when a fire is detected. It puts out the fire through heat removal.
鈼?/strong>WHY CHOOSE Noah庐5112?
Noah庐5112, a halon gas replacement provides many benefits to applications with sensitive equipment. Some benefits to choosing Noah庐5112, a halon gas replacement include:
Fast reaction time, can extinguish a fire before it even starts
Safe to use in occupied areas
Works on Class A, B and C fires
Environmentally friendly
Does not damage sensitive equipment or valuable assets
No clean-up required
Minimal downtime after a fire
Not electrically conducive
Some common applications where Noah庐5112 systems can be found include:
Data centers
Computer rooms
Electrical control rooms
Historical archives
Art galleries
Telecommunication faculties
鈼?/strong>Quality index:
Inspected ItemQualified ProductSuperior Product
Purity, %,鈮?9.70鈮?9.90
Acidity, (as HCI), %鈮?x10-4鈮?x10-4
Water content, %鈮?0x10-4鈮?x10-4
Non-volatile residue, %鈮?.01
Quality standard:Q/NY002-2018
鈼?/strong>UL listed
鈼?/strong>REACH registration; K-REACH (for South Korea)
鈼?/strong>FM Approved
鈼?strong>Concentrations & safety margins comparison:
Use concentrations %4.5-5.957.5-8.9>30
NOAEL %1059<5
Safety Margins %72-12205.9-20Lethal
鈼咵nvironmental parameters comparison:
How long i can get the feedback after we sent the enquiry?
We will reply you within 12 hours in working day.
What's the universal lead-time for order delivery?
Small production: 3-4 days Mass production :7-15days or basing on your qty.
What can you get from us?
Excellent products (unique design, advance printing machine, strict quality control ) Factory direct sale (favorable and competitive price) Great service(OEM,ODM, after-sales services, fast delivery) Professional business consultation.Halon Replace Made in China
website: http://www.noah1230.com/halon-replace/



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