ROB WAUGH: The Deliciously Retro Three II Speaker
ROB WAUGH: The Deliciously Retro Three II Speaker
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n I was tiring every possible way to edit some songs for a party that I wanted to host and I cannot tell you how much of time and money I spent - the point is I would not have cribbed so much had I accomplished what I set out doin  
Sarah Tew/CNET  
Dec 2020  
The Yamaha YAS-209 is one of the most fully featured soundbars the company has ever offered -- especially at the price. With Amazon Alexa, HDMI connectivity and a wireless subwoofer this soundbar isn't wanting for anything. The sound quality is great too.  
Hence gizmos such as Klipsch's bafflingly titled The Three II speaker, hi-end audio which has a phono pre-amp built in (so you can plug in a turntable directly, without having to slog back to the hi-fi shop to buy an extra piece of kit).   
What's great, too, is this feature seems to resolve differences in music subscriptions on its own (if you subscribe to, say, Apple Music, but your mom uses Amazon Music, Alexa resolves the difference in the background).  
Thinking about taking your home theater to the next level? Whether you're in the market for a small Bluetooth speaker, smart speakers with , bookshelf speakers, desktop speakers, computer speakers, outdoor speakers or a full sound system, you'll want to make sure you get the best performance for the money.   
Here's a look at our current top picks for best over-ear headphones. We considered factors such as comfort, build quality, battery life, features and audio quality, of course. We included some affordable headphones as well as more expensive options, so you'll find a good set of earphones regardless of your budget. We'll update this list regularly as we review new products.  
"Whew," I always say. "Alexa, remind me to order flowers." Only this year I changed it up: "Alexa, remind me to send my mom a hug on Mother's Day." (If you're curious about how to send hugs with Alexa, keep reading.)   
The art of pairing hi-fi separates (and boring friends and neighbours rigid about it) seems to be lost in time, along with other ancient techno skills such as tightening up the tape on audio cassettes with an HB pencil.  
Ty Pendlebury/CNET  
Vizio has a reputation for making great budget equipment and the Vizio V21 is an excellent example. It sounds really good and it's super easy to set up. It offers Bluetooth, HDMI connectivity and a separate sub, making for exceptional value.  
One of the first questions that pops into your head after you unbox a record deck and some alarmingly expensive records that you previously bought for about £2 in the Eighties is: ‘What do I plug this into again?'  
It sounds splendid, of course, and it helps to soothe the techno discomfort of adapting to vinyl, although you'll still face the shock of having to walk across the room to flip a disc from side A to side B again.  
Sarah Tew/CNET  
There are plenty of cheaper Bluetooth speakers, but none of them sound as good as the Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus portable speaker. This Bose Soundlink speaker offers a richer sound than its smaller cousin, the Bose Soundlink Micro. In the world of Bluetooth Bose speakers, this model offers a portable, sturdy design, superb hi-end audio quality, and sonics which will reach every corner of your next cookout.  
If I had as an end product had nicely edited audio at the end of all the time I spent, then I would have still felt ok, but that was not to be. So, when I looked at options to do this better, then I realized that the DJ Audio Editor is the software that I am looking fo  
These Bluetooth headphones support AAC and AptX, use Bluetooth 5.0, charge via USB-C and have up to 30 hours of battery life at moderate volume levels. Its noise canceling isn't quite at the level of the Bose or Sony, but it's not far off -- as I said, it's improved from the original PX's noise canceling.  
It doesn't hurt that it comes in a mid-century finish (the cabinet is real wood), with deliciously retro touches such as clicking metal switches that make you feel like a World War II radio operator. Vinyl is half about the look and feel, after all, so it does all help.  
What you get in the Opus is a headphone that delivers clean, nicely detailed sound with well-defined punchy bass. You can tweak the sound profile in the companion app, but I mainly stuck to the THX setting, which suited my musical tastes just fine. I also thought the sound was pretty open for a closed-back headphone -- the sound doesn't feel stuck inside your head.  
After saying so much if I don't mention the long list of effects I could add to my audio files, I would not be doing any justice at all. I could make editing a happy and enjoyable experience with so many options to choose from - I was literally spoilt for choic  
A picture's worth a thousand "Happy Mother's Days" If you've got an Amazon Echo Show smart display, bet you didn't know you have your own personal photo booth sitting there on the countertop or table. If yours is the kind of mom who likes to use photos of her kids or grandkids as the wallpaper on her Echo Show, here's a fun, easy way to refresh her background image.


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